Welcome to Loonaq Records!

We are a digital indie record label since 2011 and the 1st. in town that went on total distribution via digital and streaming platform. We introduced Content’s Partner concepts with talents instead of Artist Agreement as to transform them as content’s entrepreneurs.

Check out our latest releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon, Joox, Deezer.  We awaiting for more genres to come in….stay ahead!!!!

Thank you for your support!

Ages is Not a Matter!

We welcome kids! If you are parent or guardian of the talented kids or have a contents that suitable for kid and early children, please come over and discuss with us for next future development strategies. Maybe your kids is the next good things on Youtube, or internet appearances!

We awaiting more genres to come in….stay ahead!!!!

Thank you for your support!

Welcome EL KHADIJAH, New Nasyid Group

Loonaq Records created ISLAMICTUNES, a community for Muslim Talent and creative creators focusing on music, audio and video.

Creating your first appearance to develop your fanbase is a though task to do now but with this community platform, any new and indie talents now can start immediately their digital and online presence, building networking and boost your portfolio.

Come to us if you are new or want our free basic consultancy to develop your hobby or your passions towards meaningful careers in entertainment and education or currently name as Creative Content Industries. Our tracks records speak for our involvements and knowledges, but we never bragged!

Bawa Konten Anda ke Pentas Global

Mengapa simpan konten anda di hardisk, flash drive atau cloud storage saja? atau mengupload/sharing ke platform-platform digital dan social media yang free sharing? Anda harus terlebih dulu mengkode konten anda bagi melegatisasikan pemilikan konten anda! Bertindak bijak untuk menghakmilikkan konten anda yang boleh diwarisi walaupun anda membuat konten untuk edaran gratis atau free!

Hubungi kami jika berminat menyertai kami!

Jadilah Content Partner Loonaq Records

Content Partner adalah pemilik rekaman sepert Label atau produksi penerbitan rekaman yang bekerjasama dengan Loonaq Records bagi memasarkan album atau single secara digital. Ianya seperti juga MOU bagi licensing deal tetapi uniknya Loonaq Records turut serta membantu dan mengajarkan cara-cara menyertai promosi media sosial dan audio/video streaming. Pemilik rekaman akan terus memiliki hakmilik rekaman selagi mana ianya tidak dijual kepada mana-mana pihak yang lain. Mau tau lebih detail?

Our Content Partners

What is Content Partner? How to be our Content Partner? What will we get by being Loonaq’s Content Partner? Will our content safe at Loonaq Records? Will my copyright be protected? 

Introducing LoonaqXChange

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