MOLIANO feat. EMMY TOBING | Kalimah Cintamu


Moliano is a music songwriter, producer and performer. On personal level, he is leader and guitarist of local rock band Lovehunters. Love hunters have had NINE albums from 1987 to date. Lovehunter’s ‘Angel in the Nite” was voted Best Song 1995 on Radio Perfect 10. His song ‘Bersama Mu’ was awarded Best Local Song by Anugerah Planet Muzik 2001. He also received Best Guitarist Award by Yamaha International Showcase 1992.
He is a strong supporter of local music events in Singapore and international. He is also a producer for TWENTY TWO albums since 1989. In 2011, Moliano set up a non-profit organisation known as MYPART (Malay Youth Performing Art), to help and guide youths to achieve their music dreams.


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